About us

We are a team of German and Austrian journalists who are fully committed to quality foreign reporting. We produce comprehensive reports for selected editors from all over the world. In doing so, we draw on a global network of local journalists who provide insights into a world that is often unavailable to Western European journalists.

Das Netzwerk

Our global journalist network draws on professional reporters who have an excellent journalistic reputation in their home countries. All of our journalists have completed at least one internship in Germany or Austria and are committed to Western European journalistic standards. Because they have been working as journalists in their home countries for years, our cooperation partners rely on local expertise that is often unattainable for Western journalists. In addition to local journalists, our network also draws on German and Austrian journalists of other genres (television and radio), who want to use their reports online and in print. They offer an outside perspective that is in high-demand because it provides the necessary objectivity to be able to arrange stories accordingly.