Report subscription

Reports are the supreme journalistic discipline. Nothing is more authentic than a locally researched story. And if this story is related by an insider, a local, it can be a real improvement to your offered editorial content. But real reports are becoming increasingly rare because they are expensive. Journalists have to travel to other countries and often take a long time to find a good story and access to really exciting insights. The correspondence network is also thinning out due to financial reasons. This is why it is so difficult nowadays to find elaborately researched reports about the intra-Korean border or the disarming of the FARC in Colombia. One hardly finds any insights into the voting motives of Trump fans in the US Rust Belt or reports on the terrible sweatshops in Bangladesh. Hardly any medium can afford to become a real report treasure trove.

Until now. “Story Exchange” offers those editors who subscribe to this service excellent reports by foreign-language journalist from all over the world. Our network is supplemented by German-speaking journalists from other genres – such as television or radio. These stories are translated by us and curated for the German-speaking market. This means we supplement content with additional info boxes, explanations and backgrounds.

You can continue to curate this content according to your needs and even use it in print products or place it behind paywalls. The use of print and paywalls creates exclusive content for your readers that cannot be found anywhere else on the web. This is where we have an advantage over a classic German-language network of correspondents: Our foreign-language editors produce German-language content exclusively for us. This ensures that the content we offer is not available anywhere else on the free web.